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I know this challenge has spanned a looooooong period of time and I've been rather haphazard as a mod (and you can bet I'll be investigating having a co-mod for all future challenges), but as far as I am aware there are still a few of you EPBBers still hanging in there.

I would appreciated it if ALL podficcers who've signed up could respond to this post to let me know what your project status is:

  • Dropped/Discontinued with no chance of posting this round
  • In Progress and still hoping to finish in time for this round
  • Finished and ready to post

If any podficcers that are still planning to post are still interested in matching with an artist, please make note of that in your check-in.

Artists, if you have already matched with a podficcer, please let me know how things are progressing for you. If you have not yet matched with an artist or would be willing to do some simple, last-minute "pinch-hit" contribution to a project, please make note of that.

The following podficcers are interested in partnering with an artist:
[personal profile] rscreighton here
[personal profile] lesson_in_love here
[personal profile] aerlatro here

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It's time for our very first check in! How is everyone doing? Have you found a title (or titles) that you wish to record? Have you started recording and editing yet? What fandoms are folks podficcing for?
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You may sign-up to join GSD Week any time during the week on the general check-in post. Please respond to this post with the progress you've made in the past 24 hours.

GSD Week will run until Sunday, August 24th.


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