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[personal profile] eosrose2013-06-04 06:15 pm

Request: Any Type of Art

Title of Story: A Fire Ever Burning by [archiveofourown.org profile] BewareTheIdes15 (16,543 words)

Fandom: Supernatural (fusion with Dragonriders of Pern)

Ship: Dean/Sam

What sort of art are you seeking?:
Anything goes! Cover art, vid, promo graphics -- this podfic has dragons! If you can think of something fun to do, I'm game. Some sort of trailer, audio or visual, would sort of blow my mind, no lie.

Explain the details of your request: The talented [personal profile] mific has created some great art for one of my PBB projects already, but this story is great and has dragons. So if anybody wants to do something with that, wonderful. I'm almost done with this podfic, so I'd be happy to let you listen to the podfic early while you do your artsy thing and work your mojo.

Request Status: Closed