Sucks getting old

Sep. 25th, 2017 10:17 am
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Our hearing checks out, and yet...

Him: no gut...asses...morning
Me: 🤔You have no gut classes?
Him: Yoga, but that works.

Dear Podficcer Letter 2017

Sep. 24th, 2017 06:21 pm
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#ITPE Dear Podficcer Letter

Dear Podficcer,

This is delightful! I'm super excited and know that you are intrepid and awesome!!! I’m certain that I’m already gonna love what ever you make because you’re wonderful beyond measure. ♥ Please consider this a jumping off point or a possibly needed point of inspiration. Feel no need to adhere to anything contained herein other than squicks, because squicks dude. :)

Fandoms that I would love to hear something from include: Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Leverage, Babylon 5, Teen Wolf, Bandom, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Warehouse 13, Jupiter Ascending, Supernatural, DCU, Star Wars the original trilogy and The Force Awakens, and Avengers/Marvel Movie'verse.

So Supergirl is still pretty Happy Making. Like totes. It’s just so bright and hopeful and I just want nice things for everyone on that. Specifically Kara and Alex being sisters, Kara/James, Alex/Maggie(because those two should seriously) or even Alex/Lucy. Fun crossovers with the Flash where Kara and Barry are basically adorbs puppies who save the day and then have snacks is also totally my jam. Just like, maybe avoid Mon-el because blah. Like, honestly, he’s a little boring, especially if he’s with Kara. Why is she even bothering with that nonsense when there’s a perfectly great James Olsen nearby? Like seriously.

For Wonder Woman, I'll be real with you and have more movie knowledge but I'd be down for Diana being awesome in any capacity in any universe, comics or otherwise. And like, Steve Trevor can somehow not be dead if you’re going in a movie!verse direction. But Diana/Peggy Carter has a very special place in my heart for the record. Very. Special.

If you are inspired in a Bandom direction, I'm remain deep love with Fall Out Boy (like Pete/Anyone. But I'm totally down for band crossovers. Like Pete/Gerard. Don't feel limited to FOB, other bands are also awesome and happy-ear making like MCR, Panic! and Empires. Panic-wise, I know Spencer is no longer in the band, but he’s still kind of my favorite. Look, I just have a lot of feelings about Spencer Smith. A lot. Seriously, so many feelings. And everyone knows that Empires is totally a band full of werewolves, right? Because they totally are. But no wife bashing please because they’re all wonderful and it’d bum me out if they ended up in jealous!gf/wife role. Total bummer.

If you are inspired in a Teen Wolf direction: The ladies are totally my jam. Allison (totally not dead shhhhh very much alive) and Lydia being besties and hot together or Erica being awesome (because not dead either), ect. Sure, Stiles/Derek not realizing that they are in love/dating then realizing it and fluff ensues in the future is pretty wonderful too, but ladies. Future!AUs are TOTALLY my jam for all this business. And like. Just, Peter/Anyone is best avoided for I believe him to be slimy and mostly squicky unless it's in a banter capacity.

Warehouse 13 is very much a yay team kinda vibe where HG/Myka is totally the ship that happened in that finale. Totally. Or like Claudia being awesome and Jinx being snarky and Pete being Pete, you know?

Leverage wise, let's be real, the OT3. You know the three. YES THEM. All the them. Because them. Whether there's a job or the moments between jobs, I am SO down for those three. Heck, even gen fic where there's Chosen Family Shennanigans. Because CHOSEN FAMILY. Seriously, like you can’t go wrong with found family, not just here, but like any of my fandoms.

Speaking of OT3s, let’s talk Star Wars. For the original trilogy that’s totally my jam. Or Leia Getting Shit Done with or without those two and just generally being a badass. Because really Finn/Poe/Rey are sooooooo excellent or a variety of pairs with any of those three. But like, Kylo doesn’t deserve my love because manpain and I don’t even have patience for waxing poetic on any nonsense like that.

Basically with Jupiter Ascending, I love dogs and have always loved dogs and Jupiter is the BEST EVER. Also, random crossovers with GotG are totally cool. BUT DOGS.

For the DCU what I’m specifically talking about is bat!family because reena_jenkins is a MENACE and quite the salesperson and I don’t even really go here but every time I stop by it gives me a LOT of FEELS. Especially Jason Todd coming back to the fold. I just *wavey of hands of what even**.

As for the Marvel Cinematic universe/Agents of SHIELD/Guardians of the Galaxy/DareDevil/Jupiter Jones/Luke Cage/Agent Carter direction: I ship everyone with everyone, including everyone in Guardians of the Galaxy. Just all the shipping all the time. Special places/ships of my heart include Melinda May/Natasha Romanov, Darcy Lewis/Natasha Romanov, Darcy Lewis/Lady Sif, Steve/Bucky, Sam/Bucky (these two for real though like seriously I cannot even with these two), Darcy Lewis/Clint Barton and just the ladies being rad. Because ladies. Oh! And those two avocados from DareDevil because of all the fluffy pining fic involving Foggy/Matt. Peggy Carter remains the hero our world deserved and I ship her with pretty much anyone in all her glorious badassary. Really, just do anything that doesn't involve shipping Grant Ward with anyone or giving him a redemptive arc because no. Just no. Everything else is golden and wonderful and gives me all good feelings but Ward is dirt and doesn't deserve my love. But like, full discretion, I haven’t seen any Agents of SHIELD since the finale of season three and have no idea what’s going on there.

For Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash: Anything, specifically into Sara being awesome with/without a side of femmslash. Barry/Iris is SO GREAT, but Barry/Cisco is also cool. But like. Mainly just the ladies, like Laurel being badass, I'm totes here for because Laurel is so not dead. So not if you found a Sara specificfic and Laurel is there because so not dead. Especially not for any manpain reasons. Because manpain is so not on. I’m bored with manpain is what I’m saying. So bored. Only real anti-ship other than avoiding the manpain in general would be Flash/Cold or whatever the kids are calling it these days. But Leonard Snart being his campy ridiculous self in hijinks capacity is totally fine.

Babylon 5: This show I cannot even because feeeeeeeeeeeels. But Susan/Talia. Really, I'd read anyone with anyone, canon or not. I have a LOT OF FEELINGS about these plucky characters and ALL THEIR SASS. SO MUCH SASS.

Supernatural: Basically Jo Harvelle isn't dead, deserves nice things, and I would be down for something involving her. Yep, that's it. I know, kinda narrow, but JO.

Tropes and things that I enjoy: I LOVE all tropes especially like found/chosen families and faily people in love and figuring it out, sometimes naked or not. Werewolves and/or shapeshifters are ALWAYS a plus. Really, what ever ridiculous au that covers anything from space to coffee shops where people fall in love and maybe there's wings and/or humor that ends happily. But seriously, you cannot go wrong with werewolves, but you don't have to go with werewolves. I'm just saying. And you can never go wrong with awesome ladies. <3

Squicks and things that for potential avoidance: Noncon is an absolute no but Dubcon and/or pre-negotiated noncon roleplay are okay. I'm not into heavy angst, character death/dismemberment/maiming/rape, cannibalism, scat, psychological torture, heavy jealousy, wife/gf hating, Grant Ward/Anyone and/or a Grant Ward redemption type story, and animal harm. Oh, and like PWPs are not my go-to, necessarily. I like a little bit of story or at least a lead up to Pete had a bad day and Gabe is going to tie him up to take care of him in a kinky way. If you’re not into recording porn, that is absolutely fine. I’d be glad for some gen or the sexy time happening off-screen.

But seriously, if you need any clarification or have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask a mod to pass it on or you can comment anonymously here and I will answer. You can check out what I've got bookmarked to podfic on AO3 but don't feel tied to that. Just a jumping off point. You are already a winner and the raddest. I want you to have fun and not feel stressed. You are amazing and delightful, seriously. I’m stoked to hear what you do. ♥ ♥ ♥

Squeefully yours,
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Dear Podficcer

Sep. 24th, 2017 05:05 pm
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Dear Podficcer,

Thank you :)

Thank you again!!! You are awesome!!! (as are you Mods as well!)

Midnight Fic Obsession 24 - Place

Sep. 24th, 2017 03:54 pm
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I made another episode of my podcast - Midnight Fic Obsession.

Podfic selection:
To the sticking place, by BlueInk3 Read by LockedinJohnlock

Podfic rec: Stately Homes of Wiltshire.
Author: waspabi
Reader: lazulus

ITPE Letter 2017

Sep. 24th, 2017 12:16 pm
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Dear Podficcer,

You are absolutely great and wonderful, and I can't wait to hear what you come up with for me. ;)

Fandoms (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER): Psych, Farscape, Dr Horribles Sing Along Blog, Les Miserables, Teen Wolf, Numb3rs, Star Trek (AOS & TOS), Hannibal, Kingsman, Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol 1 & 2), Skyfall, Supernatural, Glee, Dragon Age (Any DA), Rise of the Gaurdians

Pairings: I multiship in like most of these fandoms I'll list a few but I'm super easy on pairings in my fandoms.

Psych: Lassiter/Shawn; Gus/Shawn

Farscape: Gen mostly, but go nuts I'd listen to all the things

Dr Horrible: Billy/whoever, Billy/Captain Hammer, ((Someone could TOTALLY repod my two Billy/Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester Dr Horrible/SPN x-overs I LOVE those stories so much but I can only listen to them so often cuz... my voice but ya know just a suggestion ;) ))

Les Miserables: Enjolras/Grantaire mostly, also Joly/Bossuet/Musichetta (cuz ot3 me), Eponine/Combferre

Teen Wolf: Peter/Stiles, Jackson/Stiles, Danny/Stiles, Isaac/Stiles

Star Trek: Kirk/Spock, Kirk/Bones, (any iteration of these couples even ending in a poly relationship (OT3 ME)

Hannibal: Will Graham/Hannibal Lector

Kingsman: Galahad/"Eggsy", Merlin/"Eggsy", Galahad/"Eggsy"/Merlin ;)

Guardians of the Galaxy: Gen but go nuts with whatever :D

Skyfall: 00Q! James Bond/Q/Alec Trevelyan

Supernatural: Dean/Sam, Dean/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Cas/Sam, and all variations of these things. ALL OF THEM. :D

Glee: Kurt/Sebastian, Kurt/Puck, Kurt/Finn, Kurt/Sam, Kurt/Finn/Puck any iteration of these pairings really? any and all? just please no Blaine/Kurt I just... can't

Dragon Age: All the Dragon Age? I like Dorian/prettymuchANYONE, Dorian/Bull, Dorian/Cullen, I like Cullen/ANYONE (especially Bull or Dorian), I love Fenris/Anders, and Anders/with anyone, and Fenris/with anyone (preferably not with Merrill, I love her but like not with my babies) Isabella with all the people too cuz Isabella!!! :D

Rise of the Gaurdians: Jack/Pitch, Jack/Bunny

Rating: All ratings! (I have a particular soft spot for the porns, but I love all the feelings too)

Squicks: Unhappy endings (PLEASE NO), Scat & Watersports (also please no)

I love way too many things in fandom to list them all but I'll drop a few off the top of my head here:

Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Fake/Pretend Relationships, Accidental Bonding, Soulmates/Soulmarks, Mpreg, Kidfic, Found Family Feels, AUs (all of them), Hurt/Comfort, Regency AUs, Arranged Marriages, Accidental Marriage, Wing fic

If you are unsure if something will appeal to me (which most things appeal to me, you really can't go wrong) ask SomethingIncorporeal (she's somethingincorporeal on twitter xD). Again thank you so much I promise I will love whatever you make for me, and will CAPSLOCK FLAIL AT YOU when I listen! <3

So so so so much love from me,


Dear Mods I'm willing to record in ... any fandom that I can pronounce the names in. Sooo all of the ones listed, MCU (all of Marvel just whatever), DCU, Yuri on Ice, any fandoms I've recorded in previously. Legit, anything but probably super tiny anime fandoms where I can't pronounce the names.

#ITPE 2017 letter

Sep. 24th, 2017 12:45 pm
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Dear podficcer,

I am super excited to hear whatever you have in store for me! #ITPE is my favorite time of the yeeeeeeear :D

Things I Like: TROPES AND AUS. AWESOME LADIES. POC CHARACTERS. TEAM/FAMILY HIJINKS AND FEELS. OT3s AND MORESOMES ARE A-OKAY. GEN/HET (My slash ships are few and far between). I am here for the happy and the humor and the fluff. I mean, I am okay with angst and will forgive you for the critical hits to THE FEEEELS as long as it's balanced out with levity and has a happy ending.

Things I Don't Like: I am not into character death, dub/non-con/rape, explicit violence, ZOMBIES CAN'T DO EM NOPE NOPE NOPE, dystopias, post-apocalyptic AUs, A/B/O, slave fic, infidelity.

Tropes/AUs I am into: Honestly, as long as the tropes/AUs don't fall into any of my DNW categories, you're pretty much good to go. College/High School AUs! My weakness. Coffee shop AUs! SPACE AUs! Regency AUs (omgggggg Regency AUs)! Characters in a different profession AUs! Genderswap/Rule 63/Spectrum slide (choose your favorite term)! Hella into piiiiiining (with eventual resolved sexual tension), failboats in love, undercover dating/married, secret dating/married, kidfic/deaging yes do want, forced to share the same bed, huddling for warmth, accidental baby acquisition, etc. If the canon is sad, I prefer the EVERYBODY LIVES/NOBODY DIES AUs.


CRITICAL ROLE!!!!- Still in CR hell. You will literally never go wrong with Percy/Vex. I am in shipping hell for these two and there is SO MUCH FIC to choose from with a bunch of blanket permission authors who have migrated over to this fandom, as well as a bunch of podfic-friendly authors. Aside from Percy/Vex, I also really like Vex/Jarett, Gilmore/Jarett, Grog/Keyleth, and Kima/Allura. I would also adore gen fic for this fandom because FOUND FAMILY FEELS. I adore Percy and Keyleth's friendship SO MUCH, so gen fic for them is especially appreciated.

Mass Effect Trilogy- I've recently had a resurgence in FEELINGS about FemShep/Garrus and would LOVE LOVE LOVE podfic for them. I'm also willing to receive cute team gen and Tali/Kal Reegar podfic. Also, ANYTHING ABOUT SPACE HAMSTER. I'm not really interested in MaleShep or any of the other romances tbph.

Dragon Age (2 or 3)- Again, I'm mainly interested in FemHawke or FemInquisitor. My VERY FAVORITE DA2 pairing is Hawke/Varric, but I also enjoy Hawke/Sebastian, Merill/Carver, and Isabela/Fenris. I...don't care for Anders. My VERY FAVORITE DAI pairing is Inquisitor/Iron Bull--like, that was my gateway into the DA spiral bc I wanted to Ride the Bull. I don't mind Inquisitor/Cullen but I don't read a lot of fic for them because there's just...too much and it's hard to separate the wheat from the chaff iykwim. I don't care for Solas. As always, aside from these specified pairings, I also super enjoy cute gen fic and I have the very softest of spots for Cole, so anything about people being kind to Cole is my jam.

Red vs. Blue- this has been the year of rediscovering my love of old fandoms. York/Carolina is the OTP. AUs or fix-it canon AUs for them please, because I'm so sad about them ;__; Caboose is my One True Love, so Caboose-centric gen fic is everything I could ever want.

Avengers (MCU)- I remain burned out on the MCU fandom, ngl, but am totally willing to receive podfic for it if it makes matching easier. I LOVE GEN/TEAM FIC, especially if it involves ridiculous shenanigans. For shippy stuff, you will make me ridiculously happy if you podfic Helen/ANYONE (BUT ESP BUCKY, STEVE OR SAM), Steve/Natasha, Peggy/Steve, Sam/Maria, or Sam/Natasha because there just isn't enough love out there for them. I know I'm known for all my Darcy podfic, but I'm a little burned out on her in fandom, so as a main gift, maybe avoid it? But if you're here looking for treat ideas, I won't say no... :P

Fullmetal Alchemist- I have recently had a resurgence of fannish love for it. I'm specifically interested in Roy/Riza because OTPPPPPPP. I MISS THESE PINING CO-DEPENDENT BBS SO MUCH.

Pacific Rim- I will cry buckets and buckets if you podfic anything about Mako and Stacker being a family. I will cry even more buckets if you did anything Wei triplets-centric.

Brooklyn Nine Nine- I am always about gen team shenanigans. This is the one fandom where I don't really ship anything.

Elementary- Joan and Sherlock are my OTP. I am a-okay with stories involving them being platonic bffs, but if it's shippy you will own my soul forever. FICS ABOUT CLYDE WOULD BE LOVED AND PETTED AND CLUTCHED CLOSE TO MY HEART.

Ouran High School Host Club- a small fandom, I know, but I would love anything involving the Host Club being their RIDICULOUS OVER-DRAMATIC SELVES and having WACKY ADVENTURES. Also leaning more gen, rather than shippy with this fandom.

Tortall (Protector of the Small books specifically)- I am all about Keladry. KELADRYYYYYYYYY. KEL BEING AWESOME. KEL BONDING WITH ALANNA. KEL AND HER BOYS. KEL AND HER PEOPLE AT NEW HOPE. Gen is fantastic, but you should know I ship Kel/EVERYONE. I wrote a manifesto about her with fic recs here.

I think that's about it. If you want more information about my tastes, my recs tag on tumblr, or my recs tag on [ profile] het_reccers is a good thing to trawl through. :D And if you have any questions, feel free to comment anonymously. Also just looking through my works on AO3 will give you a pretty decent idea of what I like, since I podfic what I like. :P

#ITPE 2017 Dear podficcer

Sep. 24th, 2017 07:56 pm
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Dear Podficcer,

It's that wonderful time of the year again :D

I am a fangirl of simple needs - give me fluff and *OT3s and I shall be very happy indeed. Throw in some hurt/comfort and a bit of kink and I'll be the happiest. It's the holidays, so let's snuggle up with a cup of hot chocolate and something really fluffy :D

As I said, it's been a long year, so I'll pass on the angst and tortured souls this year.

Yes: fluff, polyamory, team fic, case fic, fluff, wingfic, fluff, hurt/comfort, BDSM (platonic BDSM), fluff, coffeeshop AU, gen, curtain fic, crossovers
No: mpreg, a/b/o, darkfic, angst, non-con, character death, 

A few fandoms to narrow things down:

The Flash/Legends of Tomorrow  (Cisco/Anyone, Captain Cold/anyone, Harry Wells/anyone, team fic)
Leverage (The OT3)
Rivers of London
(we're gonna end up podficcing the same fic, aren't we? :D)
Critical Role (Kima/Alura, Vax/Keyleth/Gilmore)
Doctor Who (Six or Eight)
Stargate (any Stargate as long as it has Daniel Jackson or Nicholas Rush in it :D)
Rogue One (Chirrut/Baze)
The Mummy (Rick/Evelyne/Ardeth Bay)
Supernatural (Sam/Gabriel)

P.S. Did I mention the fluff? Don't forget the fluff :D


ITPE dear podficcer letter

Sep. 23rd, 2017 09:36 am
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Hi! I am once again super excited for my favorite time of the fannish year \o/

I'm making life (maybe) a little easier this year in that, since last year I got a pinboard and have filled it with things, so if reading through the fandoms below nothing springs to mind, or you just want a place to start, I've got a "wishlist" tag, which is everything that I wish there was a podfic of. Additionally the "tier1" tag are fic I've loved/are favorites and I would be delighted by podfics of any of those as well.

So, if anything on my pinboard strikes your fancy, excellent! But I also super love getting to listen to podfic of new things (of course!) and hopefully we've been matched on a fandom you're excited to record for, so here's a bit more about what I like...

Fandoms and General Info )

ITPE Dear Podficcer Letter 2017

Sep. 23rd, 2017 10:32 am
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Hello! Thank you so much for whatever you make for me. I'm so excited at the thought of you making a podfic for me to love!!!

Here are some helpful tips. Feel free to take the wants with a grain of salt if you find a fic you're excited about, as long as it doesn't cross any of the Do Not Want lines. If you want a second opinion on whether or not I'd like something, you can check with @laliandra/@mllelal, who knows my tastes well.

Things I love:
-I love canon. I ship canon 90% of the time (and when I ship something else, like in the case of Swan Queen, it's because I see their romantic feelings as canon even if they haven't acted on them). I like main characters, and I just generally am a fan of fanworks that respect the canon and treat it as Good. Good-natured making fun of canon is awesome (for example Harry Potter fics that clearly love the books but make fun of the rules of Quidditch), but angry jabs at canon are a turnoff for me.
-I love stories that make me think and/or hold important ideas about life and the world
-I love sincerity and big emotions
-I love well-intentioned characters
-Dire Peril is great as long as everybody we care about survives. Yay intensity! Also yay to people getting angry or upset and having intense fights, as long as they work things out by the end
-I love slow build romantic/sexual tension
-Humor is great, especially if it's the characters being funny on purpose, but also if it's humor around how faily and ridic they sometimes are
-I am very pleased with fic that involves kids (not at all a requirement, but definitely in the plus rather than the minus column for me)
-I love Broadway and I love musicals. If a story references a musical (or incorporates singing, if you're up for it), I consider that a plus!
-I love experimental podfic. Trying something new/weird/different as an ITPE gift for me, while not required, would make me SO! EXCITED!
-Groundhog Day AUs and similar types of time travel story are super fun and interesting and cathartic and I love them

Things I do not want:
-Permanent character death (canon character deaths being referenced is fine), unless it's along the lines of a villain in a superhero-type story
-Unhappy ending
-Serious injury or death of kids, especially babies, including miscarriages etc. It's okay if a kid/baby/pregnant person is in danger as part of the plot as long as they are fine by the end
-D/s universe

Fandoms I'm most excited about currently (OTP indicated):
Boy Meets World (Cory/Shawn/Topanga), Les Mis (Enjolras/Grantaire, but anything is okay), The Flash (Barry/anyone or Gen), and also an RPF one that I'm not going to name in an unlocked post, but see the fandom of the podfic I posted July 9th 2017 on my AO3 (any pairing).

If you can't find anything in those that works, I also like:
Once Upon a Time (Swan Queen), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Jake/Amy or gen), Harry Potter (Harry/Draco), Steven Universe (Pearl/anyone or gen), Voltron (any pairing or gen), Fullmetal Alchemist (I'm still finishing the show but hopefully will be done by Christmas, any pairing), Hart of Dixie (anything from this would be super exciting), or in a pinch if you can find me any nice OT3 fic, even if the canon is new to me, I would be pleased.

black emporium letter

Sep. 22nd, 2017 10:02 am
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Dear Creator:

[in progress]

¡Ay, bendito!

NSFW Sep. 19th, 2017 12:23 pm
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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has advised should be viewed with discretion. )

Dear Trick or Treat Creator

Sep. 12th, 2017 07:38 pm
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Thanks so much for creating something for me! I'm [ profile] originally on AO3 and most other platforms. 

This year, I've requested fic or art for all of my fandoms but Trick only for the vast majority. To me, this means that I would prefer to receive something that's darker, preferably with supernatural/horror elements, and I have selected characters and fandoms that lend themselves to this. I've also included some prompts for pairings and I'm happy to receive a gift of any rating, including smut and PWP.

In terms of format, I'm open to anything. I love all kinds of unusual and experimental stuff if that's your thing, including but not limited to found footage; mixed media; non-linear; vignette forms; epistolary; interactive fiction; and metafiction.

I've chosen fandoms which share at least one or two of the following themes:
  • weird science and/or steampunk elements
  • themes of life, death and transformation
  • religion and ritual
  • time and/or dimensional travel
  • creatures with xeno potential
  • cannibalism
  • body horror
  • madness
If you choose to focus on any of these elements for your fic or art, you'll definitely make something I'll love!

Other general trope or narrative likes include:Narrative likes )

My kink/porn likes include:Read more... )

And finally, please do not include any of the following in my gift:
  • mundane/modern/"setting change" AUs (ie. canon divergence is welcome; coffee shops are not)
  • A/B/O dynamics
  • mpreg
  • rape/non-con
  • watersports
  • scat
  • public humiliation
  • "lifestyle" or 24/7 D/s
  • daddy kink
  • age play or age difference that’s not canon
  • stalking
  • wingfic for characters without canonical wings

Below are some more specific prompts for each fandom. Some of these sections are longer than others (most likely because I copied and pasted from a past letter) but I'm equally excited for any of them.

American Gods (TV)
Salim, The Jinn | Ifrit, Laura Moon, Mad Sweeney, Easter

I'm going to start off by saying that I haven't read the book, so I would strongly prefer you don't include any book canon elements that spoil future developments in a gift for me. I'd be happy with any of these characters in any combination, or if you want to do something more worldbuild-y with other gods or creatures, that would we awesome too. 

I loved the road trip dynamic between Laura, Sweeney and Salim, so more of that would be amazing. 

What other dirty jobs has Sweeney done for Wednesday? Or for others? How does he square that with his self-perception that he's not "bad"?

Backstory or snippets of the future for either the Jinn, Salim or both together. What other lives has the Jinn had? What is Salim's history? Interpretations of their sex scene would also be very welcome, especially art.

Easter and the whole clash of pagan/organised religion was really fascinating to me. I can think of a lot of different directions you could take a work about her: run with the rabbit motif and do some kind of fertility rite; explore the whole resurrection/"relife" thing in more detail (either with Laura or with others); there's potential for something really dark in the whole feast theme (bloody ritual? cannibalism with the Jesus transubstantiation thing? vore?)

Bioshock Infinite
Booker DeWitt, Elizabeth, Rosalind Lutece, Robert Lutece

Any kind of dark Booker/Elizabeth. Obsessive and twisted love is my jam, so I'd definitely enjoy something where the 'us against the world' dynamic is turned up to 11, especially if they know it's wrong and can't help it, or think that's part of why it's hot. Something like '5 times they did/could have destroyed the world for each other', maybe. Or even the one where Booker lets himself become Comstock, knowing what he knows. 
If you don't ship them, I'd also enjoy some insights on the 'other' Elizabeths and the lives she led/didn't lead as the timelines collapsed. I like the cage/bird motifs, so explorations of her captivity and/or her relationship with Songbird would also be cool. Similarly, I'd enjoy a snapshot of Booker's past or potential lives.
For the Lutece twins, I'd love (again, this is a very incest-y canon) dark incest/selfcest scenarios. Is Robert the first of the alternate selves Rosalind found, or just the one that survived? The one-sided nature of it could be ripe for angst too (see, for example, Robert's ultimatum to Rosalind and her unwillingness to be parted from him; her reference to King Lear could also relate to the tests of devotion).
Alternatively, I'm interested in exploring their meetings with Booker and Elizabeth throughout the game and the DLC, particularly their choice to stay as beings dislodged in dimensions rather than put things back as they were. It fits with the air of detached scientific curiosity even when everything is going wrong and "mad science" for the sake of science, without thought for the consequences. Any variations on these themes would be great. 

Mass Effect Trilogy

I've always been fascinated by Morinth and the concept of Ardat-Yakshi in general: the parallels with vampires or spiders, the fuck-or-die (or fuck-and-die!) elements, the taboo and the sense that they are a 'punishment' for Asari who engage in forbidden behaviour. I'd love to receive a snapshot of Morinth's life before she met Shepard, or her relationship with her sisters, or an exploration of her impersonation of her mother and the way she has to assume her life. 
I'd also really love something with a Shepard who is complicit with Morinth's killing, who enables and finds victims for her as a proxy for sex with her - and maybe who succumbs to her in the end anyway. 
Vivid depictions of Ardat-Yakshi death-sex also very welcome.

Penny Dreadful
Vanessa Ives, Ethan Chandler, Ferdinand Lyle, Victor Frankenstein

Vanessa is a real favourite of mine and I ship her with pretty much everyone, so I'd be delighted to receive any kind of dark sex for her. Otherwise, I'd enjoy receiving something that focused on her witchcraft, or her faith, or her experiences of madness/possession and institutionalisation. 
I ship Ethan/Lyle, and would love anything with that pairing. Lighthearted flirting against the show's backdrop of doom, or capers at the British Museum, or fighting together, or Lyle's academic curiosity about Ethan's werewolf transformation, or honestly anything. 
Individually, I'm most interested in Lyle's relationship to religion and sexuality and society. His encounters with creatures (mummies??) on his expeditions would also be excellent. 
For Ethan, a missing scene from his backstory would be awesome, particularly his life as a soldier, or in the circus, or the Wildwest Show. 
With Victor, I'm most interested in his incredibly fucked-up relationship with his creations, the conflict between erotic/paternal love and the non-consensual nature of his experimentation. I'd also enjoy a missing scene from his past, perhaps his schooldays with Jekyll or others of his early experiments.  
Please feel free to bring in any other Gothic novel or C19th literature characters that take your fancy. Carmilla? The Monk? The Corsair?

Rusty Lake series
Ms Pheasant, Mrs Pigeon, Mr Rabbit, Mr. Crow, Mr. Owl, Rose Vanderboom, Leonard Vanderboom, Ida Vanderboom, Frank Vanderboom, Laura Vanderboom

I really enjoyed the creepy atmosphere of these games and the hints of cosmic horror, though I've only played Rusty Lake: Hotel and Rusty Lake: Roots.
I'd be delighted to receive any kind of worldbuilding piece that fills in something about the world or the characters: backstory for anyone, or an insight from the POV of the hotel guests (surely they realise that they're eating their compatriots? do they know death comes for them?), or some snippet of Vanderboom mad science or family relations, or Mr Owl's motivations, or the wandering Souls. 


I read month to month and am up to date with the story. That said, feel free to just ignore or go canon-divergence on any aspect!
For anyone: an encounter with a space creature (fighty or curiosity or xeno - or a combination!), or a snapshot of a battle.
The Freelancers: Bounty hunters have always been a favourite character archetype of mine (blame Boba Fett and the Mandalorians), so if you wanted to get worldbuild-y with some kind of slice-of-space-assassin-life that would be awesome: something where they work an assignment together, maybe, or they compete, or a glimpse at their downtime? How did they get their sidekicks? Does/did The Stalk have a sidekick? The business with their names is fascinating to me, so if you wanted to centre a story on identity, that would be great.
The Brand said at one point that she went to grad school on Wreath. Tell me that story.         
If you want to go shippy, I am a huge fan of The Brand/The Stalk. I also ship The Stalk/The Will and would be open to The WIll/The Brand or the OT3 version. I like the idea of any of these pairings dropping in for a quick hatefuck, or perhaps we catch The Stalk and The Will in one of their more tender moments between the antagonism and complicated history? For The Brand/The Stalk/The Will, I could see it as either established sibling incest that The Stalk gets tangled up in or some kind of sibling rivalry thing with her in the centre (spider puns abound!). We know The Brand introduced The Will and The Stalk, so is there a love triangle situation maybe? Or perhaps it's a one time thing; they all have a bit too much to drink one day and The Stalk is surprised that they never tried it?
IV: I'm really interested in his themes of duty and family and the consequences of warfare; his PTSD has never really been fully acknowledged by anyone. If you wanted to explore some more of his 'performance difficulties' with Princess Robot that would be really interesting (there's definitely nowhere near enough bad sex in fiction) or perhaps something about their courtship? I'm fascinated by the structure of the Robot royal family: was it an arranged marriage or a love match? 
He recently revealed his sexuality was 'fluid', so something around that would be awesome. Especially if it involved the use of his transformative hands. 
Petrichor: she's quickly become a favourite of mine (so I assume that means she's going to die soon). I'd love a snapshot of her backstory, since the comic has given us so little so far.
I'm shipping IV/Petri pretty hard; if you go there I'm happy with hate sex or tenderness, I don't mind which way you want to take it.
Gwendolyn: I'm most interested in her relationship with Velour, but that missing chunk of time when she and Sophie are off training Sophie to be a Page is also intriguing. 

Sunless Sea

I've selected any for this fandom because I'd genuinely be delighted to receive anything about this world and these characters, including any ship (relationship or the more literal kind...) you like. I have a general fondness for anything to do with devils, the Correspondence, or Sorrow Spiders, so if you want to work those in, that would be awesome. 
Backstory for any of the officers would be great; what did they do before they came on board?
I'm particularly fascinated by the gods of the zee. Are they sentient entities, or ancient magic? What kind of zailor does it take to defy them? What are their motivations?
With the Fathomking, I'd love an exploration of Drownie culture more generally, or a closer look at his otherworldliness - I mean, come on, the guy's wife is a lorn fluke. What can be seen of him is only the tip of the iceberg. Xeno and/or tentacles would be delightful. 
For the First Curator, the tomb-cultist moth transformation really captured my imagination. A snapshot of his past life, or future moth life, or the experience of transformation itself would be excellent. 
For the sentient locations, they must have seen many captains and creatures come and go over the years. Tell me about them. 
For the Pirate Poet, I'd love to see one or more of her tattoos in detail. What were the circumstances that prompted that one? A closer look at her tryst with the captain or history with the Modiste would also be delightful.
For the Wistful Deviless: politics of the Brimstone Convention, or a snapshot of souls she's 'obtained' over the years, or her history (what was she doing during the Campaign of '68? what relationships does she have with other devils, like the Quiet Deviless or the Urbane Devil? why, exactly, is she so Wistful?).
I've played Fallen London but not for a year or so; I'm happy for you to use additional lore from there but I may not be up to date with the latest developments. I've also played The Silver Tree. 

The Wicked + The Divine 

I'm up to date as of Volume 5; I read the trades so I would prefer not to get spoilers for the very latest arcs, please.
For anyone: an exploration of who they were before they were chosen, or alternatively who they were in past Recurrences. I'm also endlessly fascinated by religious themes, so any focus on that aspect (e.g. worldbuilding around the Pantheon or the Recurrence, outsider POV on attending their shows, meta stuff around the 'Fantheon', depictions of worship) would be perfect. 
Shipwise, Inanna/Baal, or Inanna/Dionysus (pleasure/fertility themes), or a threesome could be really interesting (and fraught). Also Baphomet/Morrigan with all of its innate loyalty kink, identity issues and darkness.


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